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About the US FUEL Commercial Card

Using a secure purchase system to provide your fleet fuels and services gives you a level of quality and service that you can depend on. It can make a difference in what you spend on fuel.

A unique three-digit security code can be attached to your user cards
to protect them from unauthorized use if lost or stolen.

Cash advances, lottery tickets and money orders are expressly prohibited from being charged on your US FUEL Card. Oil and lubes and merchandise can be charged, but with a 10% surcharge.

US FUEL can provide US FUEL clients with service locations that provide quality maintenance and can help you manage and control your fleet costs. Your company can also automate preventive maintenance expenses, reduce down time, lower administrative overhead, increase vehicle life cycle and increase the number of quality maintenance vendors available to you.

All of these are options of US FUEL - The Card.

US FUEL Is Secure Fleet Management

We specialize in security. US FUEL can offer the use of the "Two Card" Option. By using two seperate cards, US FUEL enables the fleet manager to track not only the purchases of each vehicle, but the purchase activity of each driver. This option is very easy to use, is very accurate and allows any number of people to fuel a vehicle without losing report integrity or security.

A single card option is available for those employees who consistently drive a standard vehicle.
For security, a PIN (Personal Identification Number) can be issued.
The single card option maintains valid odometer tracking.


With the US FUEL credit card, your drivers account for each purchase by transaction, including the purchases of fuel, oil, additives or other fleet related products. Detailed accounting gives your fleet managers easy, dependable information about fleet expenses. Not only can you ensure that your charges are accurate, but with an average mile per gallon reading, verifying each transaction is easy.

US FUEL cards have no monetary value. Lost or stolen cards are easily cancelled and replaced. US FUEL cards are compared to an ATM bank teller access card. Both are responsible for the accurate, timely distribution of product from specific vendor sites.

Your company will receive a Fleet Report each month that will give you a detailed overview of all transactions for the month. This report breaks down each transaction to let you see where your fuel dollars are spent, right down to the MPG of each vehicle. This report can also help with preventative maintenance schedules because of the odometer readings taken at the time of each transaction. This reduces paperwork. If you're spending even one hour a month reconciling fuel purchases (and we bet you spend more!), that's an hour more than you need to spend.

How Do You Know If Your Vehicles Receive The Fuel Purchased On Our System Card?

The US FUEL Credit Card Program guarantees your company a monthly rebate based on gallons used. This is done by the availability of electronic-fund transfer to insure worry-free payment and your company's rebate when paying by the 10th of each month
or upon your company's variable billing cycle.

    US FUEL offers service with LOCAL VENDORS YOU KNOW AND TRUST who supply quality fuel and maintenance to commercial fleets at competitive costs. The equipment is easy to use and
    operates much like an ATM bank teller machine.

    US FUEL is a fleet management system. We can eleminate theft, reduce waste and provide you with intensive control of your fleet budget and lower your expenses.

    Your fleet will receive reports tracking fuel usage, fuel types and vehicle performance. You will be able to track each fuel purchase by driver, vehicle, date, time, price and quantity. We will use the Fleet Data Form to issue cards for each vehicle and driver. You can also control what products may be purchased, which means full control of each transaction.

How Do I Extract More Value From My Fueling Dollar?

The US FUEL Credit Card Program is designed to give you full control of your fleet fueling consumption since fuel expenditures constitute one of the largest parts of your company's costs. Selecting the right fleet fueling program is a decision that will ultimately influence the performance and profitability of your business.

We're totally convinced that the US FUEL Credit Card Program will be a very useful management tool for your company. We believe the US FUEL Program will fit in well with your company. We have developed a fleet fueling system that is very easy and convenient to use and most of all IT SAVES YOU MONEY!