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US FUEL is a commercial Fleet Fueling program designed to get the local businessman fueling with you at your locations. And with the new US FUEL Cash Card you can get non-fleet customers fueling at your location or locations!

US FUEL allows you to have a steady traffic flow of working men and women in your stores everyday. Fleet Fueling customers are more loyal customers
using the same locations over and over again.

US FUEL offers AMERICA an alternative to Fleet Fueling.

US FUEL is the customers' alternative offering a wide variety of products
and services for the small businessman.

        • Management Control of Fueling
        • Multiple Locations
        • Enhanced Credit Terms
        • Security Measures
        • Convenience
        • Discounted Fueling
        • Locally Owned and Operated in Arkansas

The multiple locations is where you come in. US FUEL needs quality fueling outlets to send our customers to buy fuel. Our customers are varied and diversified, but they are local businessmen just like you. They like doing business with local vendors that they know and trust. And THEY like the many benifits US FUEL offers THEM so they will be loyal to your location.

US FUEL offers electronic verification of fueling transactions. Daily totals reporting and shift totals reporting are done for reconciling monies. US FUEL offers weekly settlement procedures on fuel sales. US FUEL works right into your daily operations. It simply becomes another credit card that your location accepts.

Accept ALL Major Credit Cards
VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express,Debit Cards, Etc.